How to Measure Yourself 

Waistfordazee is pleased to provide you with tips and tools to measure your waistline.
Watch the video and read the description below to measure where you want your beads to fall on your waistline perfectly.

​Measuring Tips/Deetz: ​

  • You can use a fabric measuring tape (2.99 @ any local craft store or Walmart) or belt (using the dollar method) to accomplish this task! PS* at your next visit to a lingerie store ask for your measurements, IT'S FREE!!

  • Stand up straight while measuring, and relaxxxx your midsection = NO SUCKING IN!!

  • It is okay to measure after eating that's our best size anyway.

  • Remove any layers of clothing blocking your midsection.

  • Start from the beginning of the tape and wrap around your torso/mid-section.

  • Measure where you want your beads to fall, below or above your navel.

  • Re-measure yourself one or two more times to ensure accuracy and comfortability. 

All set - you are officially ready to get #WaistedByKiah :)